Buy Oil Burner Pipes for Smoking Online in USA

An Oil Burner is a water pipe used for smoking cannabis concentrates/ oils, tobacco, and herbal resins. An oil burner pipe has a long, thin pipe attached to a filter or chamber towards the end.

Other than oil burners, the most common types of water pipes available on Seapayglassware are- bong, hookah, bubblers, and dab rigs. 

Now that you know what an Oil burner is, let’s tell you why it is a must-have smoking accessory in 2022. 

5 Reasons why you should buy an Oil Burner Pipe?

  • Smooth Hit: they provide filtered smoke that doesn’t contain carcinogens, tar, or other toxic substances.
  • No lingering Smell.
  • No bad aftertaste.
  • Discreet Smoking Sessions- anywhere, anytime!
  • Portable: Oil burner pipe kits are highly convenient to carry around. Hence, the perfect smoke accessory for travelers.
  • Very Durable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Burner Pipes are used for smoking cannabis concentrates, oils, and herbal resins. They are also known as “oil rigs”, “oil bongs”, “dab rigs” or “oil pipes”.
No, oil burners are not illegal in California, USA.

Yes, oil burners are absolutely safe. Glass oil burners use water to cool the smoke (before it reaches your mouth). These pipes also have a filter that removes tar and other harmful substances from the smoke making them a safe recreational accessory.

Glass Oil Burners are very durable as they are made from heat and scratch-resistant glass. The lifespan of an oil burner depends on the type of oil burner you have, how often you use it, and how well you maintain it.

The main difference between the two is their usage. Oil burners are can be used for smoking cannabis oil, concentrate, and dried herbs, while wax burners are specifically used for weed oil wax or ‘honey’.