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Acrylic Water pipes or Acrylic bongs are a great low-cost, low-maintenance way to smoke your favorite herbs. The most famous acrylic pipe in our selection is Glass Mask with a 7” Acrylic bong. Our online headshop also has 14 and 8-inch acrylic water bongs. If you are looking for extremely unique party pieces, these will surely do the trick. Our acrylic water pipes are one of our most popular products, and our customers love them. Every single one of our products is made with a high-quality poly-carbonate material — so there’s no need to worry about breakage anymore!

Seapayglassware Acrylic water pipes are extraordinary:

Cost-effective, as they will last a lifetime! Replacing an acrylic pipe/bong is easy and cheap with respect to a glass pipe.

Convenient, practical, and portable. Our Acrylic bongs are easy to pack while traveling. 

Easy to use, clean, and store

Perfect for home usage or a quick drag on the go

No lingering or residual aroma/pungent smell of the herbs

A pool of exciting designs and shapes to pick from.

Due to Metal Downstem (that comes with almost all the bongs) in acrylic water pipes, you can use them straight out of the box.

If you are on a budget, acrylic bongs are your wishes come true, and Seapayglassware is the Santa you are looking for! We not only sell wholesale acrylic bongs online (only premium quality) but also all the essential and premium smoking accessories, such as pipe cleaners, chillums, concentrate accessories, nectar collectors, oil bubblers, bowls & stems, grinders, jars & vials, sex pills, and much more at affordable prices.

We constantly experiment with new shapes, styles, and designs to offer you something fresh every time you visit us. We are always happy to see your feedback and suggestions – nothing makes us happier than launching your idea into production! Shop Acrylic water pipes wholesale at incredibly affordable rates with premium services and smooth delivery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic bongs are indestructible as they are made with shatter-resistant, strong, and flexible plastic. Whereas glass water pipes are prone to breakage, require care, and are not travel-friendly.

Use Sepayglassware acrylic-safe pipe cleaners, hot water, and a brush to deep clean your bong once in 3-4 days. You can use mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water to rinse and clean your bong after every use.
If you do not change your bong water, it can become contaminated with bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microbes. If you inhale such toxic fumes, you can get extremely sick.