Scilicone and glass water pipe with percolator. comes in mix colors, shape and color may change. Approximate size 7 inches and weight 200gram


Tech, Smart Battery,  premium vape battery, Battery capcity 380mAh. Host size; 89*11.2mm.  Oil tank capacity:0.5ML/1.0ML Ceramic heating wire 1.2O Usage on the backside of the battery box.


7-Inc. glass water pipe. An elephant decore shape on the bottle, Comes in the variety of colors. Easy to hold and use. Appx. weight 200g  


Three-inch colored cilicon blunt bong. This piece is designed with a carb-hole on the base of the body, a mouthpiece, and one chambers for holding blunts and joints. (Approximate weight: 40 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


Twelve-inches water pipe. it comes in a variety of colors. (Approximate height: 12 in./ Weight: 450 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


Eight-inches percolator water pipe. it comes in a variety of colors and patterns on the body. (Approximate height: 8 in./ Weight: 200 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


Great quality water pipe with a bend oil burner and rubber ring for attachment. (Approximate size: 4″) *Note: Shipping charges may apply*


Ten-Inches multiple legs percolator water pipe made with color glass tube. Comes in mix colors. Includes a male, dry herb bowl piece. (Approximate height: 12 in./ Weight: 500 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


Twelve-inch fruit percolator water pipe made with clear glass and color percolator accents inside the body. Color and shape may vary (Approximate weight: 400 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


Twelve-inch percolator water bong made with color glass percolator accents inside the body. Color and shape may vary. (Approximate weight: 450 grams) *Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*

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