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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Concentrate accessories are specifically designed for smoking concentrates, such as wax, shatter, or oil. These accessories are used to optimize the consumption of concentrates by providing efficient heat distribution, vaporization, and enhanced flavor. Examples of concentrate accessories include dab rigs, concentrate jars, carb caps, dab tools, etc.

    Carb cap is a dome-shaped smoking accessory used with a dab rig to cover the nail or banger after the concentrate has been applied. It helps regulate airflow and creates a low-pressure environment inside the nail or banger. By restricting the airflow, the carb cap helps retain heat, allowing for more efficient vaporization of concentrates and maximizing the flavor profile.

  • Dab nails or bangers come in various materials, each with its own characteristics and advantages:
  • Quartz: Quartz nails or bangers are known for their excellent heat retention and durability. They offer clean and flavorful hits, allowing users to enjoy the full terpene profile of their concentrates.
  • Titanium: Titanium nails heat up quickly and are highly resistant to high temperatures. They are durable and can withstand repeated use without degradation. Titanium is a popular choice for those who prefer fast heat-up times.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic nails or bangers offer excellent heat retention and provide smooth, flavorful hits. They are known for their ability to distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent vaporization.
  • Thermal: Thermal nails or bangers are constructed with two layers of material, often quartz, and titanium. The dual-layer design allows for efficient heat distribution, resulting in more consistent and controlled dabbing experiences.