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Seapayglassware is your one-stop online Head shop for the best wholesale water pipes. Our silicone and glass water pipes are designed for use with dry herbs, oils, and concentrates. Our products are not only designed to last long but also to provide an impeccable smoking experience every time.

What is a smoking water pipe?

A water pipe is a smoking accessory used to vaporize tobacco, cannabis, or other herbs. They work by using the heat source to warm up the smoke before inhalation, creating a smoother and more enjoyable hit. This feature is crucial in providing a satisfying experience.

Are Smoking Water Pipes Better?

Yes, water pipes are better, fun, and safer than other traditional smoking methods. Using a water pipe is an extremely clean and healthy way to consume cannabis. Water pipes cool the smoke before you inhale it to ensure no burning or residual tar enters your mouth.

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No more smelly ashtrays

Water pipes don’t produce any residue, so no worries about cleanup afterward. Your mouth won’t get dry and unpleasant either, as you won’t be inhaling any of that dry smoke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Joints leave a lasting lingering smell in comparison to water pipes. If you prefer a discreet smoke session, befriend water pipes.
The water pipe and the bubbler are nearly the same. The only difference between the two is- a bong has more air cooling down in the base for easy inhalation than a bubbler pipe.

Yes, it is highly recommended to clean your smoking pipe after every smoke session. Also, do give your pipe ample time to dry before re-lighting it.