Buy the Best Wholesale Stash Cans Online in USA

Seapayglassware stash cans suit all smokers with their sleek and stylish design. With our stash cans, you can have a little something on hand without having to carry around a bulky (and non-discreet) storage jar.

No more hiding your stash cans! Seapayglassware offers an airtight seal and elegant design that looks great with any decor.

Stylish storage for your herbs!

With their discreet, sleek design, these stash cans are perfect for any room, be it at home or work. They’ll fit right in with your decor while keeping your marijuana out of sight.

Tough, durable, and moisture locking

With a durable exterior and soft inner lining, stash cans can take all the wear and tear of a smoker’s world – without giving up!

Smoking storage made easy

The lid of the can pops off easily for quick access to your smoking materials and then snaps back on for a tight seal.

Premium quality

We use only the best quality materials to craft our stash cans. Our stash cans are made from food-grade stainless steel and are guaranteed to live against rust or corrosion! All of our products are lab-tested for safety and quality- so you can enjoy them with peace of mind!

Smoke anywhere

No need to worry about being judged anymore – now you can smoke anywhere in style. With their compact size and airtight seal, Stash Cans are also perfect for storing herbs in your luggage while traveling.

Pick your favorite design

We’ve got stash cans for smokers of every taste and mood – from herb lovers to tobacco enthusiasts.

Choose from a variety of Stash cans available on our online store

Our stash cans come in a variety of colors/designs, so you can find one that matches your personality:

7UP soda stash can
Arizona iced tea stash can
Arizona much mango stash can
Carpet cleaner and deodorizer stash can
Red Bull Energy drink stash can
Comet bleach stash can
Tier inflator and sealer stash can.

Smoke discreetly anywhere with our unique stash cans!

Frequently Asked Questions

Stash cans are like hidden cabinets used for storing and safekeeping valuable items. With stash cans, you can hide/store your dried herbs or other concentrates with safety in plain sight.
By storing your stash in an airtight safe or diversion can container.

Yes, all three are the same. They are used as secret storage containers.