Premium 10 inches Color Jumbo Oil Burner – Glass Oil Burner Pipe.


● Appx. weight 20g, size 10 inches.
● Comes in a variety of colors.
● Build with A-grade glass
● Our 10″ Color Jumbo Oil Burner is great for your recreational sessions.


Use this oil burner to enhance the flavors of your favorite smoking oils.


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Buy 10 Inches Color Jumbo Oil Burner Online

We’ve taken into account all the feedback of our customers over the years, which has led to this innovative glass oil burner design. With a sleek exterior and a sturdy handle, you’ll be able to take our jumbo burner anywhere with ease. Seapayglassware 10 inches Color Jumbo Oil Burner features premium quality glass and a durable design. Unlike other cheaply made products, this smoking accessory can withstand impact damage and wear and tear. Cleaning the 10″ Color Jumbo Oil Burner is just as simple as using it! Fill it up with warm water, shake, and empty it until all the residue goes away, and voila! Also, the colors of the Seapayglassware 10 Inches Color Jumbo Oil Burner are so vibrant- it’s like you’re smoking right out of a rainbow. Buy it and try it for yourself! 

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*Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*




SKU: Z-0570


Approx. Length: 10 Inches.

Approx. Weight: 20 Grams.

Available in Multiple Colors.

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in