Quickfix Plus synthetic urine made by Spectrum Labs. Contains three patented no-mix formulas.

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Buy Quick Fix Plus 3OZ Online – Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Plus is a high-quality 100% synthetic urine that will help you to pass the urine test. It comes with 3 oz of urea. Each box contains 3 patented no-mix formulas. Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine has good-smelling, clean, clear, and well-textured urine for the fake pee test. It is made by Spectrum Labs and can rescue you from any emergency. Quick Fix Plus is the best synthetic urine formula online money can buy. It is highly concentrated with scientifically-researched ingredients that are proven to work. Sepayglassware Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine will save you time and money, as it mimics real human urine perfectly. It is perfect for ensuring your privacy and passing any test, including a drug test, an employment screening, and an education screening.


*Note: Shipping and handling charges may apply.*


SKU: Z-1132


Manufactured By: Spectrum Labs

Quantity: 3 OZ Urea.

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in