Best OIL BURNER WATER BUBBLER- This Water Bubbler is a high-grade color water pipe. It features a rubber ring for bend oil burner attachment. It is an ideal smoking accessory that offers smooth and clean hits. It is available in a variety of colors to choose from. It weighs approximately 150 grams, height is 5.5 inch and has a diameter of 2 inches. It is sure to give you a good high!


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We’re a team of glass lovers and smokers. We work hard to find the best pieces from around the world, so you don’t have to. We offer a wide variety of colors and styles at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. You can find water bubblers in many shapes and sizes, as well as oil burners with rubber rings that fit any size bong. The high-grade color water oil burner pipe is available in a variety of colors to suit all your needs. It weighs only 150 grams, making it portable and lightweight. The size is 5.5 inches, perfect for small spaces. It’s also a one-time purchase that will last you forever, without the need to replace any parts or worry about leaks! The Seapayglassware water bubbler features a rubber ring bent oil burner attachment. This will help you get high-quality hits every time and keep your water pipe clean with minimal effort.

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SKU: Z-0991


Approximate Weight: 150 Grams

Approximate Height: 5.5”

Approximate Diameter: 2”

Available in assorted Colors.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in