Filter Cigarette Holder Can Clean Dual-purpose Smoking Metal

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Mini type, can effectively filter cigarette tar, nicotine and carbonic acid, etc., effectively alleviate the phlegm caused by smoking, shortness of breath and other symptoms, and greatly reduce the soot on the teeth

After opening the lid, please use the appropriate amount of water or the filtrate lid you like (60% or below the water level is appropriate to avoid the intrusion of the wet filter filtrate), select a suitable smokeless cigarette or set tobacco for use. Hookah can effectively filter harmful substances such as nicotine, nicotine and nicotine, and it is now a popular health-level smoking appliance.

1. The product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic material

2. This product is suitable for various capacities/types of cigarettes and/soiled cigarettes (capacity/two cups of cigarettes and cigarettes/silk cups can be replaced)

3. The product can greatly filter out tobacco tar and reduce the harm of tar and nicotine to the human body

4. Usage: The boiling water of the hookah lid can be connected to half of the kettle

5. The product is novel and practical, reasonable in structure, small in suction, easy to use, and good in filtering. It is a good choice for smokers

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