Glass spoon pipes made with abstract ‘squiggly’, colored patterns looks like a star. Has a bubble shape on the body for some extra grip.

(Approximate length: 4 in. weight 150g)

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Get a grip on your smoking experience with our 4” Star Shape Glass Pipe! Crafted from the highest quality heat-resistant glass and adorned with beautiful, abstract ‘squiggly’ colored patterns, this unique pipe is guaranteed to make a statement. Perfect for both novice and experienced smokers alike! Its bubble shape provides you with extra grip and stability while smoking.


The best star-shaped glass smoking hand pipe online in California:


Stylish and ergonomic glass spoon pipes with mesmerizing abstract ‘squiggly’ colored patterns that look like stars.


A must-have for any smoking enthusiast or serious colored glass pipe collector!


Add some sparkle to your smoking collection by purchasing our unique 4” Star Shape Glass Pipe now!

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in