The Important Guide to Nectar Collectors: Silicone, Glass, and Electronic

The sale and quantity of smoking accessories are increasing day by day. It started with lighting a thing on fire and inhaling it. The science has done much advancement and there is a new smoking device with the name of a nectar collector. It changes the way people are dabbing.

A nectar collector is a handy dabbing pipe heated at one end then dipped in a concentrate jar. The heated tip converts wax into vapor, sending vapor in the stem to the mouthpiece. Some nectar collectors come with a water chamber and pour water making it a bubbler for concentrates.

While some nectar collectors come to have a chamber to fill with water, it supports to filter the vapor for toxins.  It is not a good idea to inhale vapor or hot smoke. That’s why convection heating is the best heating method for vaporizers.

Benefits of Nectar Collectors –

Efficient – With famous dip, tip, and sip are three procedures to smoke your wax. The good thing is that you don’t waste any wax as once heat it up, it can be placed right in the concentrate.

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collector Options – When selecting a nectar collector, you think about the material. Some are glass and others are made from silicone. They both have cons and pros and work really well. They also have some process of tip, dip and sip.

Glass – Glass is popular among all nectar collectors in the market. It is the most aesthetically pleasing with different designs and tastes better. Glass is a common material used in pipes as smoke and glass don’t mix. If you smoke from the acrylic bong, you notice a sharp decline in the way you smoke tastes. The bad part of the glass is that it is not portable and mobile. Glass is easy to break or shatter. It also depends on glass thickness as it can still break. The thicker the glass is, the heavier it weighs. So this is the disadvantage of owning glass pipes.

Silicone Nectar Collector – The silicone nectar collector is a new material and the funkiest looking ones. They are simple to use, unbreakable and indestructible. You can go anywhere and it will not break. The best part of using a silicone nectar collector is that it can be stored in the freezer until you are ready to use it. Silicone gets cold but would not freeze in your freezer. The cold parts cool smoke so it is cool and nice till it reaches your throat.

Electronic Nectar Collectors – The nectar collectors function in the same way as a vape pen. It is also one of the efficient nectar collector and easy to use.

Choosing the best nectar collector kit is up to you. There are many to choose from whether you want glass, silicone or electronic. Electronic is easy to use, while glass provides a very smooth hit. When you cool down your hits, try to freeze a silicone one!